Necrobiosis at Pythias voices

Liquid as the ever-changing sea Firm as the ever-changing soil I was nothing and no one Before reborn as the new one Mycelium did a performance elaborating on their concept Necrobiosis at KRÆ syndikatet / the Syndicate of Creatures and Office of Emergency as part of Pythias voices. Read all about it (DK)…/oeko-orakel-midt-paa-enghavevej/……

Requiem for an age + Necrobiosis

Mycelium contributed to REQUIEM FOR EN TIDSALDER with the text NECROBIOSIS by Mille Maria Dalsgaard & Anja Behrens Read the full text here: Necrobios Acherontia atropos, the hawkmoth, also known as the death’s-head, lives among nightshades. On its back it carries a skull. It was baptized in the river of pain. It thrives among carcasses […]

And the birds are getting louder

One of the most popular google searches in the wake of the COVID-19 has been variations on the question “Are birds louder now?” Therefore, Mycelium have been looking toward the birds to revive the art of augury, the art of reading birds. However, today the most prominent signs are not found in the majestic eagle, […]


The Ark Interview In 2017 Ark Review of Ark Books in Copenhagen sat down with Mycelium. The interview took place ahead of their public performance, ‘Witches Circle’, which happened in connection to solstice. The purpose of the interview was finding out how this fungus can move us to organize in radically different ways, beyond individualism […]